First of all you must understand that you need your determination to quit drinking.Look around you - how much range of interesting and unknown you.Why spend your life on alcohol and heavy hangover?
talk to his wife.Think about your happy years of marriage before you became applied to the glass.Realize that you can lose the nearest person.She is still trying to fight for you, but because there is a limit.If you do not return to normal, it will bring things take the child and walk away from you.
you want to argue that you have a hard job that taking alcohol, you relax, relieves stress?But there are many other effective methods.Take your family and walk at night in the park, breathe fresh air, to communicate.T
ell us about your favorite troubles at work.You reprimanded and you will feel better.
Spend more time with your child.If it is a little, read him a story, play with him;if older, ask about the affairs of the school, talk about their memories of school life cases.
Work out.The best - if you can be written to the gym, and will deal with strictly by the hour.Then you will have a reason to refuse the invitation of fellow drinkers.
Protect yourself from such friends.No need to convince them that you quit drinking.Simply refusing to drink again, invoke the responsibility of a meeting or a trip behind the wheel or some other excuse.You can even say that at the moment are taking the pill.
Try not to attend those activities, where it is assumed feast or banquet.Perhaps you can not control yourself.If it is not possible to give up, then pour yourself a glass of mineral water instead of alcohol.
Take some useful for the family business.Maybe you've always wanted to repair the balcony.So now proceed.Or your parents are asking how many years to come to fix it on the roof of the bathhouse.Here, take a vacation and go to them.Physical work outdoors is the best medicine.
Remember - to stop drinking, you can use many methods.But all of them will be effective only in case, if you do want to get rid of this habit.