How does the disease

With this there is no difficulty, because the vast majority of people Candida species live in the mouth and on the genitals in small quantities and do not cause concern.But with the weakening of immunity, long-term debilitating diseases, uncontrolled use of antibiotics there is an imbalance of microflora and yeast fungi Candida begin rapid growth.


Vaginal candidiasis main symptoms are the white cheesy discharge from the vagina and itching.It is also possible discomfort during intercourse, and men - cramps during urination.

Treatment for thrush appointed antifungal thera
py.Be sure to take the medication orally, in some cases, a gynecologist can prescribe medication and local.Because candidiasis is sexually transmitted, treatment must pass two sexual partners.

miracle pill

All women face the problem of thrush, heard about the preparations, the active ingredient of which is fluconazole.The trade name has a lot: Vero Fluconazole, Diflucan, Flucostat and many others.They need to take once - and the manufacturer promises a complete cure.But whether or not to believe?

Like many diseases, candidiasis can be acute (first emerged) and chronic.Also, it may be mild, moderate and severe.

first emerged candidiasis and is mild most of the successfully treated a single capsule.Large plus receiving capsules is that they, unlike the local dosage forms have a systemic action and kill fungus around the body - a single dose.

In more severe forms of the disease is one capsule can not help - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the female body.You may have to select a different number of drug and connect local treatment.Either your gynecologist can prescribe a course of fluconazole reception.But in any case, the treatment does not take long: on average 5-7 days.

Therefore, do not neglect your gynecologist appointments if it contains only one capsule medication.After long and hard - not necessarily a good thing.And a large percentage of cases, this treatment helps perfectly.

But do not forget that candidiasis can not be cured permanently, so follow a healthy diet, do not have a cold, avoid all carbonated drinks and drink vitamins.