you need
  • - the results of ultrasound;
  • - indexes of laboratory inspection
Note that polycystic ovary may not occur for a long time and is diagnosed only after unsuccessful attempts conception.As a rule, the disease can develop independently of the age of the woman on a background of hormonal background.But the provoking factors can also be early abortions, stress, infectious and viral diseases.
is important to know that the main symptoms are menstrual disorders, the appearance of acne, ovarian enlargement, weight gain and hirsutism (body hair male pattern).When elevated levels of male hormones complicates the process of ovulation, making conception extremely problematic.
Do not panic at the detection of these symptoms!Consult your gynecologist, because only he can confirm t
he diagnosis based on the results of US indicators and thorough laboratory examination.Then there is adequate therapy.
not plan pregnancy without first course of treatment.After all, there is the chance of pregnancy, but the disease can cause bleeding, miscarriage, missed abortion and premature birth.Pregnancy is facing drastic weight gain, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.
Remember that special treat polycystic ovary not only increases the probability of conception, but also contributes to its favorable course!It includes two methods: hormone therapy and surgery.Modern hormonal in most cases serve to facilitate the process of ovulation.Therapy is usually held for three months under the permanent control of the level of hormones in a woman's body.In the absence of positive dynamics, appointed laparoscopy.This technique, in combination with the medical drugs helps restore hormonal imbalance.It provides an absolute guarantee of a wanted pregnancy and its favorable course.