Pancreatonecrosis common among young people and people of middle age.The most common cause of pancreatic necrosis is a violation of the diet in combination with excessive alcohol consumption.However, the disease can occur in patients who rarely drink alcohol.In some cases, the disease may provoke injuries, infectious diseases, and medicines.

Very often pancreatic necrosis results from the use of alcohol together with fatty food, having a higher protein content.The pancreas is often unable to immediately cope with the increasing workload and the resulting blockage excretory ducts organ swelling occurs, which subsequently leads to the self-digestion of pancreatic tissue.

treatment of the disease

Treatment of pancreatic necrosis is performed in a hospital.Treatment is aimed at removing toxins from the pancreas, restoration of excretory organ channels, as well as pain relief.The patient is assigned to starvation, which facilitate the work of the pancreas, and will release its channels.Thus it produced cold water flushing stomach.It is also important to limit the movement of the patient, creating conditions for him to rest.

appoint more medications, which allow to remove puffiness and reduce the secretory activity of the gland.The agency introduced painkillers (eg "papaverine" or "Platifillin"), analgesics ("Baralgin", "Analgin"), held novocaine blockade, as well as an infusion of glucose-novocaine mixture intravenously.Can be assigned antihistamines ("Suprastin", "Diphenhydramine") and diuretics ("Lasix", "Furosemide").In the next 4-5 days after the start of treatment continues reception choleretic and antispasmodic drugs.Appointed by starvation, it is not limited fluid intake.Displaying the use of mineral water with a high content of alkali (eg, "Borjomi").After the treatment is assigned to a diet from which are excluded fried, spicy, salty, sweet and flour products.

During the therapy is being monitoring of the cancer with a blood test and an ultrasound.Early treatment can get rid of the disease within 1-2 weeks.In severe cases, surgery is carried out with the opening of the capsule of the pancreas.