Increase physical activity.Well disperse the blood in the legs and swimming walking walking, are also useful in special exercises (flexion and extension of the legs in the ankle joint, a warm-up for the feet, etc.).If you must sit for a long time, it should be every 10 minutes and take breaks to warm up a bit.You can not sit with his legs crossed, as in this position clamped vein.
Use compression garment.Feet need to rewind the elastic bandages or stockings to wear a special jersey - the symptoms of varicose veins are weakened, the disease stops.Bandaged legs are in the morning, without getting up from the bed and the dressing should be removed just before b
Take medicines that increase the tone of veins.Special treatment should take place under the supervision of a physician - it determines the need for drugs, relieves swelling and reduce pain.Blood thinners, improve blood circulation, but have a number of contraindications.Anti-inflammatory agents help to cope with the pain and reduce inflammation.
Do contrasting pouring down.Alternate hot and cold showers, drenching the feet - such a change in temperature stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels.Do not take hot baths, give up baths and saunas - long-term exposure to hot temperature dilates blood vessels.
Wear proper shoes.Flat shoes or small heels "forces" to work the calf muscles, accelerating the blood.
Go surgery sclerotherapy.This is an effective method to "glue" diseased vein, which then collapses and becomes invisible.The method consists in the introduction of the drug into a vein sklerotiruyuschego.Maximum efficiency is achieved in the early stages of the disease.
treated veins laser or electricity.The impact on venous vessels nodules themselves laser or electricity leads to a lasting effect - vessels "sealed" and drop out of general circulation.
remove veins surgically.During surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged vessels through small incisions.This method is used in cases where the conservative treatment failed.