Acupuncture: particular procedure

Acupuncture - influence on biologically active points of the body with special needles.Acupuncture in osteochondrosis of the most effective technique, as along the spine is a large number of points.Needles affect the way nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain, and from there to the organs.

Osteochondrosis occurs due to insufficient blood supply to the spinal column, which reduces the moisture in the vertebrae and cartilage.Acupuncture stimulates the active point that relieves inflammation and disease retreats.

procedure introduces man into a state of euphoria, relaxes, reduces or completely eliminates the pain.Discomfort eliminated with proper introduction of specialist needles.


main advantage of acupuncture treatment of degenerati
ve disc disease - it is a complete absence of allergic reactions.After the first procedure runs pain, for a full course - the disease is completely recedes.Carrying acupuncture possible at any age.More can be identified minimal contraindications.

After acupuncture retreats fatigue, normal sleep, are swelling.There is a noticeable improvement of the general condition of the body, increases efficiency.Gone pain, stabilize hormone levels.The cells of the body refreshed and restored.


Does acupuncture osteochondrosis contraindications.It is impossible to carry out the procedure at an exacerbation of infectious diseases, chronic diseases of internal organs, with hyperthermia.Contraindicated conducting acupuncture for pregnant women and lactating women.The bad blood clotting and is banned for.Do not carry out acupuncture, if the patient is alcohol or drugs.

not recommend combining acupuncture with other treatments.Keep in mind that the method of influence on biologically active points of the body - a method of treatment, which must appoint a qualified doctor - neurologist.Before assigning the patient undergoes a full comprehensive examination.

the presence of indications for acupuncture treatments, you should choose a certified clinic for such procedures.Unprofessional conduct may adversely affect the body, lead to deterioration.