Application of siphon enema

indications for staging siphon enemas are: lack of effect of laxatives and cleansing enemas, mechanical or dynamic ileus, resistant and long-lasting constipation, intestinal lavage for poisoning or for therapeutic purposes, the lack of chairs inpostoperatively.

Colon Cleansing using siphon enema should conduct a medical worker.This procedure need 10 liters of boiled water, saline or disinfecting liquid, which is directly dependent on the health of the patient, or the characteristics of his body.The temperature of the infusion liquid to be from 38 ° C to 42 ° C, a more precise value is selected individually.Use a lower water temperature may lead to hypothermia internal organs and negative consequences for the organism.The fluid temperature is a
bove 40 ° C and should not be used as the burn of the intestinal mucosa.

Technique setting siphon enema

To place the enema siphon will need the following tools: a jug, bucket, and sterilized tube having a diameter of 1.5 cm and a length of 75 cm and a funnel ending, which holds about 500 ml of fluid.The patient lies on his back or the left side, under the buttocks is oilcloth.The bed put a jug filled with liquid and bucket intended for draining wash water.The end of the tube is lubricated with Vaseline well before introduction into the anus and rectum.It is necessary to monitor the insertion of a tube so that its end is curled in the gut.

Keep funnel slightly above the patient in an inclined position.It is gradually filled with liquid and lifted to a height of 1 m. This allows the water to pass freely into the intestine.After reaching the decreasing water level lowered its narrowing funnel over a bucket, but not turned over as long as the funnel is filled with water from the intestines.The contents of the funnel with lumps of feces and bubbles of air poured into the bucket and the refill funnel with clean liquid.The procedure is repeated until receipt of clean water into the funnel and the complete cessation of gas evolution.In conclusion, the process of cleansing the rubber tube is left in the intestine for 15 min., While leaving its free end in a bucket to drain the remaining liquid and final gazootvedeniya.After the procedure, all the instruments are cleaned and sterilized.The quality of the performances and efficiency of siphon enema affect the skills of the one who does it.