Indications for rhinoplasty

main indications for this operation: large nostrils, nasal breathing disorders, the long nose, the tip of an ugly nose, saddle shape, crook, the deformation of the nose after the injury.

also rhinoplasty requires those who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of the nose.The reasons for the transaction may serve aesthetic mismatch problems with nasal breathing.

qualified plastic surgeon is trying to find an individual approach to each patient.Before deciding on rhinoplasty, you should soberly assess its necessity.It should be understood that the surgeon is not a magician and is able to instantly make you beautiful nose.A certain period after the need for the adaptation operation.

Types rhinoplasty

most popular and comm
on type of surgery is a closed rhinoplasty.Nearly all surgeons prefer this method.After such an operation no visible scars on the skin.A good doctor is able to correct various defects expressed through hidden incisions on the surface of the mucosa, located in the nasal cavity.

plastic surgeon to distinguish between cartilage and osteochondral rhinoplasty.In addition operation can be open or closed.The method determines the physician immediately.At the same time it takes into account the complexity of surgical intervention and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Open rhinoplasty is a technique, which implies the presence of a cut in the columella.The undeniable advantage of this operation - maximum visibility for the plastic surgeon.Most often, this method is chosen when using implants, after repeated rhinoplasty.This operation allows you to easily capture the most transplants for rhinoplasty.Open rhinoplasty also has a number of shortcomings: a noticeable scar on the skin, severe swelling, eating disorders of the skin.Thus the result will be less predictable than in a closed operation.

Anesthesia rhinoplasty

- local anesthesia;
- endotracheal anesthesia;
- intravenous anesthesia.

As a rule, women over 40 years old are invited rejuvenating treatment, because we know that over the years the tip of the nose slightly lowered, giving age.There are cases when it is necessary to extend the contrary short nose.Remember, any problem - is easily remedied, if we turn for help to a good skilled surgeon.