Prolonged periods - a condition characterized as a dysfunctional bleeding, the duration of which exceeds 10 days or more.Causes of menorrhagia are different and may be associated with a thickening of the endometrium, hyperplasia of cervical ectopic pregnancy, thyroid problems, pelvic inflammatory disease, and others.
First of all, when protracted menstruation should consult a doctor.Treatment in this case should serve two purposes: to stop the loss of blood and prevent it from happening again.To do this, apply the treatment hormonal preparations and scraping.Women with symptoms of menopause sent to scraping, in order to eliminate the risk of cancer.Then designate hormonal therapy.In young women the treatment is carried out exactly the opposite: first the therapy hormone
s, and if it turns out to be ineffective, perform scraping.
Hormone therapy is accompanied by physical therapy, vitamin therapy and nonhormonal drugs intramuscular injection.To prevent recurrent bleeding in the future, taking steps to adjust the hormone cycle that underpin medication anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines aimed at combating comorbidities.
women with similar problems are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle, exercise, fitness.Benefits of regular exercise is to accelerate the rejection of the endometrium.In just a few days before menstruation is useful to do exercises with the raising of the pelvis up, for example, "Birch".During bleeding, on the contrary, to reduce the body burden to a minimum and avoid exposure to heat, that is, to limit the saunas and baths.
active sex life can help strengthen the body as well as sports.Orgasm is the best prevention of stress, physical and emotional stress.Take vitamin E - it is considered to be "female" vitamin that can regulate the function of the ovaries.If the work takes most of your time, take supplements of zinc, chromium, magnesium, B vitamins not abuse diets and try to abandon the use of antidepressants.
Suffering from excessive bleeding women need to stock up in advance of the following herbs: yarrow, horsetail, nettle, water pepper, shepherd's purse, and the bark of Viburnum.Mix the herbs in equal proportions and make the mixture over 0.5 hours. L.twice a day with water.Start therapy such means for the 5 days prior to menstruation and finished 5 days after its completion.The course of treatment - 3 months.