Therapeutic pessary is used as a means to support the vagina, uterus, rectum, and bladder.In appearance and technology of use of the product resembles a contraceptive cap.The device is used for the treatment of genital prolapse, urinary incontinence, bladder hernia and bend the uterus.The device can be installed as a temporary (until the desired result), and forever.Installation can be carried out only by the attending physician.
pharmaceutical pessary used as an effective tool for direct topical administration needed medicines through the vagina.Devices are necessary for the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system.Products can also be used for diagnostic purposes and the postoperative observation of a doctor after various surgeries.
Note that pessaries are unable to completely eliminate the symptoms of prolapse.The tool is a complementary and gives an opportunity to significantly reduce the rate of disease development.Adaptations increase support vaginal tissue elasticity and the muscles of the pelvis.
There are several risks associated with the use of products.For example, some women may cause open sores and vaginal fistula in the wall.Sometimes patients had bleeding and, in rare cases may cause rectocele, which is characterized by direct intestinal protrusion closer to the rear wall of the vagina.Side effects can be significantly reduced if the doctor give enough attention to the selection of the correct pessary according to the individual woman's testimony.During menopause devices can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membrane that easily treated with the help of hormones estrogen.
product is often the most effective treatment for prolapse without surgical intervention, and therefore can be for a woman to be the best one for available funds.Use of a pessary is warranted if the patient still wants to have children, and the use of surgical therapy method has a risk of impaired fertility.However, before installing the device should consult a specialist about possible complications and contraindications.For example, the device is not recommended if the woman had previously been a hysterectomy procedure.