tenosynovitis Why there?

Tenosynovitis can occur due to the application of small but permanent injuries synovium.Get these injuries is quite simple: they arise from sprains, excessive and continuous load on the muscles.Also, this type of damage can occur due to fatigue and muscle under the influence of too low temperatures.In this case, it begins the process of aseptic inflammation of character.

Infectious tenosynovitis occurs because of contact with the tissue and blood infections.It can be specific and nonspecific.The latter include: felon, small infectious sores, abrasions, skin cracks, pus arthritis, osteomyelitis.

Regarding specific infection develops it in the case of certain pathogens diseases such as syphilis, tuberculosis, et al., With the blood flow fall w
ithin the tendon sheath.This kind of disease is considered one of the most dangerous, as already located somewhere in the body of pathogens severe illnesses slot drains manpower that would have wasted in the resistance of tenosynovitis.

first signs of tenosynovitis and treatment

Symptoms of tenosynovitis include pain and discomfort in tendons, different sized swelling of the tendon sheath, varying degrees of swelling and redness of the skin.In the case of emerging infectious tenosynovitis, can be high fever, weakness, lethargy, and swollen lymph nodes.

Treatment of tenosynovitis can be divided into two types: general and local character.The choice of a particular method of combating the disease depends on the degree of its development and individual patient health outcomes.Surgery is used only in case of nonspecific tenosynovitis.

In inflammatory tenosynovitis very important role played by neglected diseases.From the stage at which there is an inflammatory process, it depends treatment.It can be poultices, compresses and medications.

is very important to closely monitor the state of their tendons, and in the case of suspected tenosynovitis, immediately contact a doctor.The chances of a successful recovery in patients with initial stage of tenosynovitis is much higher than that of those who suffer from a chronic disease or ostroprotekayuschih.

tenosynovitis usually the first stage can be treated remotely and combining trips to the doctor with folk remedies to combat the disease.As for the later stages - the patient is placed in a medical facility under the constant supervision and care.