Gomeoton - the device works on the principle of bio-resonance technology.Its developers, Russian scientists argue that it can be used to cure a wide range of human diseases.A feature of this device is that it is able to adapt to the body wave pulses and find an optimum emission spectrum in the automatic mode.

How Gomeoton treats?

This unit uses methods of magnetic therapy and electrotherapy.Each of them is tested in practice many years of experience in clinics around the world.The double exposure (with the help of structured water and weak pulses of electric current) to achieve major success in the treatment of many diseases.

Embedded software provides a preliminary diagnosis of the organism and selects individual parameters of treatment.Its essence is simple: each cell of the body is
the translator of a certain spectrum of waves: health is one parameter of the radiation, the patient - different.In memory of the computer there are hundreds of standards of state of the cells of various organs of the body, corresponding to different diseases, remission and exacerbation.

discovered as a result of bio-resonance diagnostic requires correction (treatment) body Gomeoton automatically inverts the taking of evidence and "writes" them into a carrier (matrix).It can act as water, herbal similar basis, a sugar substitute.Gomeoton works on the principle of structuring (magnetization) of water.

Do the benefits of this treatment?

Sure, there is.But to obtain stable results requires systematic use of the device.It is proved that the quality of bio-energy determines the physiological state of the organs and systems of the body.Gomeoton allows you to align the spectrum of cellular wave radiation to the corresponding health.Treatment with this device, aimed at removing parasites, proves that changing the state of electric potential and biovolnovogo liquid media cells prevents the development and activity alien to the human body micro and macro.

Gomeoton for the normalization of the two basic functions of the body, metabolism and elimination of toxins and impurities.In the process of self-purification is a natural improvement of its tissues and systems.Apparatus for home treatment is effective and does not require special skills to apply it.

Use it easy: just put on a special wrist straps with contact electrodes or set the magnetization of water.The complex of these influences gives a fairly quick result in getting rid of diseases, which is not passed into the chronic stage.For complex cases require longer treatment.