If you feel a headache, you can take it off in the first 30 minutes.For this it is necessary to take appropriate dose of anesthetic drugs, such as "Paracetamol", "ibuprofen" or "Aspirin".Drink plenty of water.Dehydration increases headache, and can also be a direct cause of it.Some people try to numb the pain with the help of caffeine-containing beverages and drugs, but it is fraught with complications.Caffeine contributes to the rapid removal of a headache, but its excessive consumption itself becomes a source of pain.In addition, under no circumstances do not mix medications with caffeine, it also leads to headaches.


If you have the opportunity, try to find a quiet place to rest for at least
30 minutes.Turn off the light and push the curtains on the windows, if necessary, use a special bandage for the eyes.The room temperature depends on your usual preference.If you are in the workplace, warned his colleagues and ask them not to disturb you.Lie down and focus on your breathing, occasionally massaging the temples.Try to lie down so that your neck and head feel comfortable, do not stress the muscles.

cold compress

good way to get rid of the headache - use a cold compress.Soak a piece of soft cloth with cold water and apply it to the forehead.This procedure leads to a narrowing of blood vessels in the head, which in turn reduces pain.Once you feel that the material begins to warm, moisten it again.To prepare compress a long-acting, place a damp cloth in a plastic bag and mark it in the freezer for a while.This wrap will stay cold much longer due to the formed pieces of ice in it.Applying a cold compress to the neck can also be helpful.


to relieve pain and improve blood supply to the head, you can get a massage.In its simplest form is reduced to slow massage in a circular motion in the temple.You can also massage the entire head as if you wash it with shampoo, and you can use coconut oil or argan oil, rubbed his fingertips.The most effective use help from the outside.Ask someone to do you a massage of the head, neck and upper back.