ideal place for self-massage can serve as a massage chair.However, not all the house it is.Therefore it is enough to sit in a chair and relax the muscles of the back and neck.What matters is that your position was the most natural.

basic techniques of self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

must first warm up the shoulder, shoulder girdle.Start right away with neck massage is not necessary, as this may cause congestion in the cervical region.Stroking movements of varying intensity rub the area between the shoulder blades so that you feel the heat.Such smoothing movement is recommended to do 6-10 times.All the movements are performed in the direction of the neck.

The next step will be directly
cervical.With both hands, spend the direction from head-to-back 6-10 times until you feel that this area is sufficiently warmed up.Followed by squeezing out to make movements which are repeated 4-6 times.You can also add edge strained palm massage.First stroke edge of his hand, and then strengthen the movement.

followed by tilt your head forward and fingertips to rub the skin from top to bottom, starting from the nape of the neck along the spine.So you can repeat 4-6 times.At the same time make circular movements with your fingers.You can try to slowly turn your head in different directions, but this should be done very carefully.If you experience pain during the turn of the head, it is best to keep your head in the same position.At the end of the massage should be pat the area massaged several times.It is advisable during the massage to work out the area of ​​the pectoral muscles.

general recommendations and the results of self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

Firstly, self-massage is strictly forbidden to do if you have acute form of the disease.In this case, you can only hurt yourself, and deteriorating health.It would be better to do self-massage when the acute illness has passed, and the muscles are at rest.Secondly, if you make a manual therapy, then do not get involved in a massage, because it can be a great flow of blood to the brain and it is dangerous.Massage should bring only pleasant sensations.

self-massage you will see results after a few regular procedures.Will take the pain in the neck, the neck will be more flexible, improve blood circulation.Before self-massage you should consult with your doctor.