Subtleties bed rest

Even if you have a low temperature, it is not necessary to transfer this state on his feet, otherwise the disease may be delayed.Take sick or write a statement a few days at his own expense, and go home to bed rest.Fever is accompanied by heavy sweating.Change the bedding by a set of natural fabric, absorbs moisture.Suitable cotton, linen.Because of the similar properties of the tissues should be your pajamas.Change clothes and go for a vacation, warning home, so they do not disturb you.If, during your sleep pajamas became wet with sweat, it should be changed so as not to catch a cold even more.

Herbal teas

at elevated temperatures should drink plenty of fluids.Ideally suited
for this herbal tea.Brew infusion of tansy flowers, leaves, raspberry or lime, rose hips.This drink will not only help you get rid of the temperature, but also saturate your body with vitamins weakened by illness.Your drink should not be hot, but not worth the wait and the fact that it was the room temperature.Regularly drink a mug of warm fragrant tea.If you do not keep the house herbs suitable and ordinary black tea instead of sugar which can be sweetened with honey or raspberry jam.Also useful are fruit drinks - cranberry and cranberry.

Features Power

During his illness the food should be light, but it is useful.Eat vegetable soups, cereals, fruit purees, fruit and vegetables, lean meat.However, if you do not have an appetite, do not attempt to forcibly shove a daily requirement of calories.Limit In this case, a small snack.


packs are also very effective in helping to bring down the temperature low.Prepare a solution of vinegar at the rate of one teaspoon of a 9% vinegar in a pint of water and wipe the entire body, not trying to rub it into the skin.Pay special attention to the armpits and feet.After the procedure, wear clean cotton socks and go back to bed.To relieve fever and headache, a compress is also suitable.Take a soft cloth, soak it in a solution of vinegar and put it on his forehead.After the bandage will be warm, repeat your actions.

If home remedies do not help, and the temperature is kept for several days or rises above, contact your doctor, who will prescribe you medication.