If you believe that walking the human body does not undergo stress, it can be confidently called delusion.Additional load is on their feet when wearing poor quality or tight shoes.These factors are harmful to human health.

If there is pain and heaviness in the legs, you can resort to a method of treating ailments of legs with the help of orthopedic insoles.They can act as prevention of certain diseases of the feet.It is important to buy insoles exclusively in pharmacies and orthopedic stores.The right choice of this accessory requires preliminary inspection orthopedist, who will be able to identify the strain of the foot.

Features selection of orthopedic insoles

insoles that can help correct foot deformities should have arch support, a recess for the heel, a raised area of ​​rol
ling, as well as the cross-vault.Insoles must be equipped with heel wedges.

is important to pay attention to the material that forms the basis of insoles in his role can be used leather, cork or polymeric materials.Do not assume that, having problems with your feet, you can visit the doctor only once that he did visit and helped with the selection of insoles.The last to wear inevitably change shape, which implies the need to periodically replace them with new ones, which also can not be made without consulting a specialist.After all, the disease could step back a little in the process of wearing the insoles, which means that they should be chosen taking into account the peculiarities of the foot in a certain period of time.

Order individual insoles

There is another option to acquire orthopedic insoles, which involves the individual making them.Insoles manufactured, taking into account the deformation of the feet of the patient.Will take into account the structural features of each foot.The doctor will determine how the load is distributed to them.Companies that specialize in the manufacture of orthopedic insoles have specialists in the state, which, when used with patients the device Plantoskop.

product can be picked up 40 minutes after the completion of the survey, which excludes spending personal time afterwards.New things can be immediately try to allow, if necessary, make a correction products, which can be done in a pharmacy, where a choice is extremely difficult to determine, and to do it yourself and do not be.