Clinical trials of potent drugs rarely carried out on pregnant women.It is difficult to predict the consequences, so drug companies simply indicate on the packaging - "is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation."Thus, before the doctors appear daunting task - how to cure pregnancy if almost all drugs are prohibited.
The most common anti-inflammatory medication with osteochondrosis appointed "Ketoprofen", "Ketorolac" and other non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).Often, the instructions stated that they allowed for mothers, provided that the potential benefit to pregnant higher potential risk to the fetus.This means that the tests were conducted only on the means of animals, so the harm to the fetus is not proven itself as ha
rmless.Therefore, the manufacturer places the responsibility on the doctor.Most often they are administered in the I or II trimester of pregnancy, in the later stages, they can adversely affect the cardiovascular system of the fetus makes it difficult for delivery.
Another effective remedy for osteoarthritis - corticosteroids (such as "Betamethasone") appointed as a paravertebral blockades.In difficult cases, with severe disease, the doctor prescribes a pregnant short courses of drugs, sometimes they are more effective and less teratogenic than non-steroidal agents.
can bring relief ointment irritant.You only have to read the instructions and contraindications.It is better not to apply ointment on the basis of ketoprofen, despite the efficiency, they may have a negative effect on the fetus, at constant use may malformations.
How to help a pregnant woman does not harm the baby?Completely safe recognized physiotherapy, wearing a brace, corsets and orthopedic shoes.During the months of pregnancy body mass increased by 10-20 kg, changing stress on the joints and vertebrae.At the same hormones leads to softening of the tendons and ligaments in the spine, these changes contribute to the mobility of joints.
good corset and proper footwear can significantly relieve the spine, a bandage reduces the load on the lumbar spine.If there is an increased risk of osteoarthritis, pay attention to the orthopedic be already in the first months of pregnancy.