Indications and contraindications for mud

indications for mud therapy in gynecology are: chronic inflammation of the uterus, appendages and vaginal adhesions, hormonal infertility, menstrual abnormalities, miscarriages, goiter vagina (bacterial vaginosis), hypovarianism,kolpity, perisalpingity, salpingoophoritis, deviation of the uterus, metroendometrity, frigidity.

Such procedures improve immunity, improve hormonal status, improve circulation in the urogenital system, restore the menstrual cycle.Contraindications for mud therapy are: cervical polyps, uterine hypoplasia Grade 3-4, inflammation, bleeding erosion, polycystic, endometriosis, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammatory processes in the body.In some cases, takioy treatment can not be used in infertility.

How is

mud Therapeutic mud used in gynecology, have differ
ent origins and composition.The most commonly used silt and peat.The therapeutic properties of the mud due to their composition, which includes salts and organic substances (magnesium, bromine, iodine, sodium chloride).Some of the components are similar to human hormones, others contain natural bacteriophages and antibiotics.Before the procedure

mud steamed or heated in the sun.The temperature of the composition can be up to 45 ° C.Therapeutic procedures are carried out in different ways.A popular method is considered to be mud, "cowards": composition, having a temperature of 37 ° C-45 ° C, placed on the lower part of the abdomen, hips and lower back and left for 20 minutes.After that, the patient should take a shower and then relax for half an hour.It should be at least 15 procedures, they operate through the day.

Along with mud "cowards" and using other treatments.For example, you can assign mud tampons.They are administered in the vagina for a day.Tampons are removed by irrigation treatment solution.Applied and vaginal baths.This procedure is administered daily into the vagina of mud, having a temperature of 38 ° C.It is left inside for 20-30 minutes.Sometimes using rectal mud.The patient is prescribed a cleansing enema, and then into the rectum syringe injected mud, having a temperature of up to 45C.In addition to the mud therapy can be assigned to the bath with mineral water, sea, sand and sun.