As you know, the main reason skin cancer is ultraviolet .It was therefore are as little as possible in the sun, and the sun deck is best not attend.
Use sunscreen, wear sun umbrellas and hats.You can buy special clothing that protects against ultraviolet rays.
Apply sunscreen every two hours in the sun, and during bathing use it every time out of the water.
risk of cancer will help to reduce the dried fruit if you eat them three times a week, replacing, for example, the dinner.
least three times a week and eat the beans once a week - a natural, brown rice.
daily consume cooked green vegetables.
Caffeine acts effectively against cancer skin , while not as used simply as a drink inside, but as a specific external agent.
Maintain a healthy way of life.Get rid of bad habits and try to move more.The motion at any age is simply irreplaceable.Sit in front of the TV less.
In cars, too, there is a hidden threat and cause disease lung cancer - carcinogenic oils.That is why, if you own your car serviced or related to work - always wash your hands to the oil could not get into the lungs.In addition, dangerous old cars, which even in the interior are the exhaust gases.Most gas engines are safe.
Those people who work with various metals or chemicals should be sure to use a respirator.After all, during welding a large number of metal vapors enter the oxygen inhaled into the lungs.
limit yourself to fried foods - at combustion of any fat reserves carcinogens.Especially avoid smoking - during their preparation having carcinogenic tar (polycyclic carbohydrates), which are especially in large quantities remain on top of the product.