Before action is necessary to try to quickly understand what the cause asphyxiation.There are two types of apnea: non-violent and violent.The first is often the case in asthmatics due to bronchospasm, have allergies - with greatly swollen throat.
second type of asphyxia is due to the overlap of the respiratory tract of food, foreign bodies or water drowning;because of physical pressure on the neck with the hanging, strangling hands or a noose;compression of the chest in a stampede.
help understand the cause of asphyxia symptoms characteristic of different types of suffocation.Thus, when asthma attacks a person takes a vertical posture and leans forward.He inhales a
ir with great difficulty, the entire breast exhales wheezing, whistling.
When the attack begins from allergy, he helplessly clutching at his neck, pants, it turns purple.About forcible suffocation show visual marks on her neck, broken ribs, etc.The skin becomes cyanotic.
attack often begins with severe shortness of breath.The feeling of suffocation is very painful, it causes panic.So first of all you need to calm the victim.
When asthma attacks should be to help the person take a sitting position.Quickly release the neck by tight clothing.Lower asthmatic legs to the ankles in hot water.In the middle of the chest and back to put mustard.Create fresh air.It is appropriate to give a pill "aminophylline" for the expansion of the bronchi.If laryngeal edema with allergies need to take "Diphenhydramine", "Tavegil" or "Suprastin."
Asthma can also occur in case of pneumonia, myocardial infarction, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, arrhythmia, acute nephritis, claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), psychosis, sepsis, gangrene.
If a man choked food or throat got a foreign body, it is most effectively removed cough.You can help the victim, knocking on the back.It does not help - to be tilted forward and pushes it to compress the bottom of the chest to remove a foreign body along with the air from the lungs.
When fainting you need to immediately put the victim on the knee belly, or in the case of vomiting, he could choke.At the same pose and put drowning, pressing on the chest to remove water from the lungs.Then he should turn him over on his back and begin rescue breathing.