The Russian Federal Service for Supervision in 2009 only released a decree according to which is permitted to carry out the treatment of their own stem cells.This made it possible to cope with such a serious illness like diabetes.

first talked about this possibility, researchers from the University of Chicago in the United States.In autumn 2012 the Congress was held in Boston, where Professor Yang Jha introduced the report.They carried out research which shows that, thanks to stem cells, it is possible to get rid of the first type of diabetes.Today, on the basis of the Northwestern Medical University Mechnikov also conducted studies that have an impact on the body by the same method.It is attended patients with complications caused by diabetes mellitus.

Features diabetes treatmen

Specificity of the disease lies in the fact that in the pancreas ceases to be produced insulin.The treatment is called "therapy with stem cell training."The method allows to "teach" human T-cells do not have a damaging effect on β-cells of the pancreas.The trial was attended by 15 patients, and 3 months later the body of each of them began to produce its own insulin.

This practice autoimmune implantation necessary for differentiation of beta cells.Through manipulation is achieved the necessary balance of insulin in the body.It has been proven that over time there is a destruction of cells transported.According to studies, the effect lasts no longer than 24 weeks.To extend the therapy, the stem cells are transplanted into the liver, or under the renal capsule, where the effect of autoimmune process is at a lower level.

How is stem cell therapy?

maximum number of cells found in the bone marrow and adipose tissue.Fence and their cultivation usually takes about two weeks.After preparation of cells administered to a patient intravenously using a dropper.Once in the body, they replace damaged cells.

advantage of this effect on the body is the lack of contraindications and complications.Furthermore, rejection biomaterial almost never occurs.Individual clinically leads not more than 2 hours, no further need rehabilitation.Currently there is no method which could compete with the treatment of stem cells.