Alcohol and antibiotics history

After World War II Dr. STI clinics discharged their patients with severe penicillin suggestion - do not take alcohol.Prohibiting use of alcohol in conjunction with antibiotics, doctors prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.The man who took alcohol, easier to agree to casual sex, which entailed an increase in the number of cases.

Antibiotics and alcohol: compatible or not

addition of this historical incident, medicine known facts of death while receiving alcohol and antibiotics.When a man takes a drink, his body immediately begins to produce protective enzymes that help to deal with alcohol.The antibiotics are substances that inhibit the development of this enzyme, resulting alcohol is not eliminated fr
om the body and accumulates, forming a poisonous substance - acetaldehyde.

If you take antibiotics and alcohol, may appear the following symptoms: convulsions, choking, nausea, vomiting, fever or chills, and the pressure may fall.This is a serious complication called antabuse effect or disulfiramovaya reaction.It called it the following types of antibiotics:

- streptomycin;

- nitroimidazoles: metronidazole gel metrogil, ornidazole, etc .;

- cephalosporins: tsefotetan, cefamandole, etc .;

- other antibiotics: Biseptol, tetracycline, levometsitin, vibramitsin, doxycycline, etc. supraks.

Such a reaction can be when taking any alcoholic beverages, includingand beer.Most often in the instructions to the drug indicated compatible with alcohol. must be remembered that the direct reaction of alcohol tests for antibiotics does not make any pharmaceutical company, asit produces a medicament for the treatment of diseases rather than mixing them with the alcohol.

Alcohol also affects the liver.Taking antibiotics, liver simply can not recycle them in time and to withdraw from the body.In this case, the antibiotic stays in the body, causing unpleasant consequences for all of the internal organs. antibiotics often in combination with alcohol simply have no effect, ie,become useless.

When receiving any antibiotic in conjunction with alcohol, be aware that more important to you: a short-term pleasure from taking alcohol or treatment of the disease, which can become chronic or lifelong complications to other organs.