you need
  • - indexes of laboratory inspection;
  • - the results of an ultrasound.
is important to know that the main causes of this disease are inflammation of the ovaries, promiscuity, and failure to comply with basic rules of personal hygiene.In addition, the adverse effect on ovarian function in the presence of the organism candida and chlamydia, which requires immediate medical treatment.
in the menstrual cycle, is shown in the monthly long delays (over 35 days), bleeding early, scanty or heavy menstruation, you should consult your gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist.This will require a mandatory correction, since the irregular cycle conception is almost impossible.To diagnose the disease will have to make a series of tests and ultrasound genitalia, adrenal and thyroid glands
Upon confirmation of the diagnosis will require long-term treatment, for which have to be patient.If the cause of dysfunction become inflammatory diseases, antibiotic therapy is conducted.To normalize the menstrual cycle specialist prescribe hormones that must be taken within four days from the 5th day of menstruation.During their reception it is very important to observe the maturation of the follicle using ultrasound.
Note that stimulation of ovulation is carried out within three menstrual cycles.After that required treatment with progesterone on the basis for the settlement of the menstrual cycle.They are beginning to take a 16 to 26 day period.For the control of ovulation during the treatment can be carried out measurement of basal body temperature.
Remember that the treatment of ovarian dysfunction requires a clear implementation of the recommendations of the expert.This will require a lot of effort, perseverance and faith in a positive outcome.In the event of the success of therapeutic measures, the possibility of conception is quite real.