Now the world there are a lot of different ways of coding from alcoholism.But despite the large number of techniques are divided into two types: medication (this includes Inserting ampoules) and psychotherapy.

Medication ways

Medicine offers a choice of a number of different medications for coding.And each product its range of action, but there is one thing that unites them all.It is their complete incompatibility with alcohol.

this method is carried out in specialized clinics, but if you want the patient's doctors can go to his house.These are the drugs used for coding:
• Algominal.According to most experts, it is the most effective among the listed.It is used at any stage of alcoholism.Use of the drug ensures the complete disappearance of the craving for alcohol;
• Aktopleks.The advantage of this formulation is that it can be applied in a state where the patient is an alcoholic or abstinence.Just pre-doctor conducts blood purification residues from the alcohol using a dropper, after only introduces the drug;
• Vitamerts Depot.This drug encodes the patient for up to 5 years.

Inserting vials

Another way, which refers to medical.In this method, the skin of the patient sewed ampoule with drugs such as the "torpedo" or "Esperal".These drugs do not give blood to break down alcohol into carbon dioxide and water, which can lead to negative consequences for the patient, which keeps him from drinking.

psychotherapeutic methods

Their operating principle is based on the suggestion to the patient aversion to alcohol.The patient may be at the same time in a state of hypnosis or clear consciousness.It all depends on the method of coding:
• Anchor hypnosis.During the procedure, the doctor must find in the unconscious patient point (anchor).They represent some emotional memories of human life, for which clings to the doctor and make an emotional support for what the patient would have to give up alcohol.It does not require a person dives into hypnosis;
• hypnosuggestive therapy.It is on the contrary requires that the patient's doctor plunged into deep hypnosis.It provides the installation and the refusal of alcohol.Term encoding chosen by the patient;
• Methodology Dovzhenko.When this method is used the procedure as hypnosis, but the doctor does not operate individually with each and with the group.Before the procedure, patients read a short lecture, followed by a session of hypnosis.Before coded by this method, the patient should not take alcohol for 2 weeks.

New techniques

Some time ago, physicians began to use a new word in the coding.This laser coding.Using the laser, doctors destroy nerve centers, which are responsible for the craving for alcohol.The greatest effect provides methods when aligned with any of psychotherapeutic methods.