There are simple exercises that anyone can do to improve your hearing.They are good, and for the prevention of violations.These exercises are effective in stimulating blood circulation in the hearing aid, a beneficial effect on the eardrum, labyrinth, other departments.
Morning massage: with sufficient force knead with both hands ears, the most pressing them to the head.The circular movement is performed first clockwise, then the same - clockwise 10-15 times.
¬ęDuring an ear, let in the sun": a three-minute break after earlobes clasp hands and gently pull them lower and lower as much as possible.Repeat this move
ment 5-10 times.
in both ears firmly insert index fingers.Then remove them vigorously.Eardrums vibrate and at the same time receive additional stimulation.Make exercise 10-15 times.But with the appearance of discomfort, reduce the number of repetitions or remove the index fingers are not so sharply.
However, some exercise is not enough.Job ear is closely linked with the work of the stomach.Therefore, to have a good ear is not desirable lot of meat, eggs, dairy products.But the fish doctors hearing care professional advice to eat at least every day.
minimum of salt - the commandment not only hypertensive, but anyone wishing to improve their hearing.On the day - 2 grams and no more.This is the total amount of salt to be contained in all foods eaten per day.More often replace the salt with lemon juice and spices.
addition, Audiologists recommend indulging only on major holidays products in which a lot of salt.This herring, and smoked, and hard cheese, salted and pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, soy sauce.
There are medications that improve blood circulation in the brain, as well as the metabolism of the inner ear, the stabilization of the maze.This group of drugs nootropics "Fezam" (piracetam with cinnarizine), "Nilogrin" (nicergoline), "Trental" (pentoxifylline), "Cavinton" (vinpocetine).But choose your drug and its dosage must appoint a physician.
to improve hearing, traditional medicine recommends to everyone and especially to those who are suffering neuritis of the auditory nerve, propolis.By 30-40% strength pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis, add olive oil (1: 4).The emulsion each time Shake before use.Soak a cotton swab and its type in both ears at 1-1.5 days.The course - 10-12 procedures in a day.