Causes and Diagnosis stretching ankle

severity of injuries of this type depends on the degree of stretching.If the damage of the first degree cords stretched, but breaks are usually not observed.Pain in the ankle insignificant tumor appears infrequently.

When stretched moderate severity observed partial torn ligaments.It appears bruising and swelling, walking injury causes pain.

When third-degree injury ligament is torn completely, formed quite a strong swelling.Perhaps the appearance of subcutaneous hemorrhage.As a result, the ankle joint loses its ability to bear weight of the human body.

Any ankle ligament may be damaged due to the stretching.Most often it happens when a person "tucks" leg.

Chance to get this injury increases when the ligaments of the joint are weakened or
damaged nerves of the muscles of the lower extremities.In addition, possible damage to the ankle while wearing high heel shoes.

Some people have the ability to damage the ankle at the slightest strain on him.They tend to offer doctors wear a retainer, or a device for footwear, which stabilizes the ankle and foot.

medical examination of the ankle to determine the extent of the damage.In some cases, in order to avoid damage to the bone, x-ray done.

Treatment stretching ankle

When ankle injury should see a doctor to determine the extent of damage, as well as time to take effective treatments.For a speedy recovery is necessary to fulfill all requirements of the doctor.

Immediately after the injury should be imposed on the damaged joint pressure bandage and ice.This will place the injured peace and relieve swelling.

ice to keep the skin no more than fifteen minutes, with breaks in half an hour.In no case should not apply it directly to the skin.Cover it with gauze or towel.This should be done during the first days after injury.

The next day, the patient will need to warm the joints to relax and strengthen its circulation.For this purpose, fit a hot water bottle or bath.

Also, in the first days after the injury can reduce pain by using special ointments.Pretty common preparations containing analgesics, anti-inflammatories and anesthetics.

If the injury is serious enough, you should not rely on any leg, nor, especially, to make the movements of the ankle joint.It is best to spend a few days lying with raised legs.This will help reduce swelling.

Further, after the disappearance of edema, can do special exercises to rehabilitate the ankle.The exercise must be carefully, without too much pressure and stress on the damaged area.