changes in the body of the future mother are inevitable.Hormonal rolls, changing tastes, and all this leads to external changes.If the expectant mother before pregnancy was problem skin, during pregnancy rashes and acne on the skin - only increase.
Take the time to deal with the problem on their own.After all, you can not only hurt themselves, but also to the child.Consult your dermatologist.After the analysis it will be able to identify the cause and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.In addition, special attention should be paid to cosmetics that you use.It is better if it is hypoallergenic, and made from natural ingredients.Do not forget to frequently wash and clean the skin tonic.Good help from acne decoction of chamomile, which you can prepare yourself.Take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and pour them a glass
of boiling water - leave for 2-3 hours.This tincture or wipe your face Wash your face as often as possible.Aloe juice.Wash the leaves and dry them.Put in a dark place for a week, after the expiry of this period, squeeze the juice from them.This means wipe the problem areas.Another juice can be frozen in ice cube molds.Ice tones sebaceous glands and causes them to narrow.
Do not forget about proper nutrition.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Drink purified water in amounts acceptable to you.The less fried, spicy, salty, smoked and fat in your diet - the better for digestion, and thus for the condition of your skin.
Another not unimportant article in the struggle with acne masks are made by hand.They contain no preservatives and all environmental components, so they are good to help, not harm the mother and the baby.Cucumber mask is easy to manufacture and use.Just grate cucumber grated and put on face for 15-20 minutes, then wash.From the slurry of grated raw potatoes with the addition of egg whites get a homogeneous mixture.This mixture can be bedtime impose on steamed face of minutes on 20. There is another popular and clever mask of honey and lemon.Take the juice of a lemon and honey one to one mix.The mixture was put on the face and wait until it dries.Then rinse with warm water.
But the main secret of how to get rid of acne during pregnancy - lies deep in the nerve endings.Smile more, walk in the fresh air, doing things you love, and you will cease to trouble spots.