causes of chronic rhinitis

chronic rhinitis cause discomfort.The stage of development of this form of the disease gives a common cold, treatment which does not produce or properly.The cause of chronic rhinitis may include: allergic reaction;fungal, viral or bacterial infections;stress, hormonal changes, or pregnancy;low humidity and cold season;deviated septum and enlarged adenoids;environmental stimuli in the form of dust, smog and smoke;side effects of medications.

necessary to identify the main types of chronic rhinitis:
- infection, caused by a fungus, viruses and bacteria;
- vasomotor, which occurs under the influence of spicy or hot food, tobacco smoke,
exhaust gases or emotional experiences;
- hypertrophic, characterized by the growth of tissues and cells of the nasal mucosa;
- atrophic, which may be caused by the thinning of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, the nasal bone of the skeleton;
- medical, resulting in continuous and uncontrolled receiving vasopressors.

Treatment of chronic rhinitis

struggle with acute or chronic rhinitis is necessary at the first sign of the disease.Well help inhalation of pine oil, it is also recommended to warm the feet in hot water with mustard, then immediately put on warm socks and go to bed.Include in the diet as much as possible of foods high in vitamin C, which helps fight disease-causing bacteria and microorganisms.

To make matters worse, you should seek help from an experienced doctor as well the appointment of treatment should take into account some of the individual factors: the nature of the disease, the epidemiological situation, the patient's age and the presence of allergic reactions.Therapy can be done medically, with the help of surgery and the use of folk remedies.

When medication use antimicrobial ("Protargol" "Izofra"), anti-inflammatory ("Grippferon", "interferon", "Pinosol") and vasoconstrictor ("Nazol" "Rinonorm" "Xymelin") sprays, ointments anddrop.Sometimes the nose buried astringents and antiseptic solution.If the cause of chronic rhinitis is allergic, it is necessary to eliminate the negative factors that have led to the development of the disease, and then start taking antihistamines.


If complex therapy does not help in the treatment of chronic rhinitis, did not avoid surgery.This refers to a pronounced hypertrophic form of the disease.It should identify a few basic types of operations: cryosurgery (carried out using liquid nitrogen);moxibustion nasal mucosa special acid;turbinotomy (removal of part of the turbinate).