Recognize that your habit of stealing - a disease.Kleptomaniac usually aware that he was committing an illegal act, he realizes that it is wine, so does not consider that he needed help.Remember that your desire to steal - a consequence of behavioral disorders, stress, anxiety, unsatisfied desires, etc.To realize this, pay attention to your feelings when committing the theft.You may notice that you do not seem in itself and not entirely responsible for his actions.It is a common condition kleptomaniac.
for kleptomania is also characterized by the satisfaction they get after the theft, thus removing much tension and excitement that existed before it.Kleptomaniac often feel a sen
se of shame and guilt, they try to get rid of them by using alcohol and drugs.Please note, do not see you for a such.
Make a list of your episodes of theft, also indicate the feelings that you have experienced, making them.Pay particular attention to the reasons for their actions, recall whether there were specific stimuli that pushed you to the theft.Specify every time how high was your need to commit theft in a particular case.Use this, for example, the point system.
Describe the consequences of your actions resulted.If you are caught stealing, you write down how many times it happened that you feel at the same time.Perhaps you have experienced feelings of guilt or shame.Write down what you have done to deal them repent if you ever guilty.If you continue to commit theft, lead their accounting, record their feelings, the reasons for their actions and their consequences.
your list of their feelings and emotions that you are experiencing the theft, you will understand what you are trying to satisfy the needs with the help of kleptomania.You need to find a way to distract yourself, to occupy themselves in activities which can replace kleptomania.Knowing their needs, to make such a list would not be difficult, it may be some kind of a hobby, painting, volunteering or, for example, help in the treatment of other kleptomania.Keep a record of your achievements.Indicates that helps you deal with your addiction in each case.In the future you will be able to use them as needed.
Kleptomania can be quite strong dependence.You may not be able to cope with it on their own.In this case, you will need to seek help from psychologists.In addition, you may need an appropriate medication.For further advice, please contact your physician.