The drug

Effectiveness of "Viagra" is due to the cause of erectile dysfunction and accompanied diseases.The drug is best helps with vascular erectile dysfunction, but can be useless in fibrosis of cavernous bodies.

Action drugs based on the local increase in blood flow to the genitals, and the drug itself does not cause increased sex drive.It is worth remembering that the drug is not an aphrodisiac and does not increase the libido. «Viagra» is not recommended for women receiving the drug, and is masculine.


Usually the drug is supplied in the form of tablets, which are taken into the water for an hour before sexual intercourse.Starting drug action occurs after about 30-60 minutes
after administration and in response to sexual stimulation by a partner.The assimilation of the drug may slow down if you have been drinking prior to receiving the fatty foods.Do not take "Viagra" more than once, as this can adversely affect the cardiovascular system.

Dosage "Viagra" can vary depending on the characteristics of the organism and the disease causing erectile dysfunction.Appointment of a drug typically in tablets of 50 mg, then the dose is increased or decreased depending on the coming effect.

Contraindications and safety

Before applying the "Viagra" is important to have a diagnosis.Before buying medications should consult a physician.For advice should contact a urologist or sex therapist.Make use of the drug is possible only in the absence of heart disease, and chronic diseases.

«Viagra» is safe, as confirmed by clinical trials.However, do not take the drug if you drink medicines for the treatment of heart disease."Viagra" is also contraindicated in people who are treated with nitrates, which presents the risk of a serious pressure drop - this may lead to death.

Precautions should take medicine for patients with cerebral ischemia, which is associated with heart pains and memory loss.A separate consultation with your doctor before taking the drug should be obtained in patients with priapism (an erection, related to erotic stimulation). buy medicines only at licensed pharmacies and proven.

Long-term use of "Viagra" does not lead to any negative consequences that allows you to assign the drug both in the short and long-term treatment of sexual dysfunction."Viagra" does not affect the ability to fertilize - the drug does not alter the quality and activity of sperm.