diet.Causes flatulence, there may be several.And in the case of each treatment bloating will proceed on their own scenario.However, there are a number of generic products, the use of which does not cause increased gas production.This buckwheat and oatmeal, steamed vegetables, dried fruit, bread and caraway.Strongly should abandon black bread, milk, chocolate, yeast pastries, cabbage and beans, as well as kvass, beer and carbonated drinks.
drugs.Effective means to combat flatulence are proven tools such as the "No-spa", "papaverine", "Smecta" black and white activated carbon, as well as products based on prebiotics.However, they remove only the symptoms but do not cure the underlyi
ng cause of the disease.
food culture.The man who tormented flatulence, it is necessary to radically reconsider.Do not overeat, chew, swallow it stop quickly.If heartburn is still there, it is not recommended to remove it with soda, as do many.This product will only strengthen the processes of gases.
Traditional recipes.Often the treatment of bloating use a variety of teas and infusions.They prevent the formation of gas and relieve discomfort.Get rid of the symptoms of bloating help infusions of camomile, mother and stepmother, plantain and a decoction of dried cherry fruit mixed with propolis tincture.
trip to the doctor-gastroenterologist.Only it will establish a diagnosis (which can be goiter, dyskinesia biliary tract, cholecystitis, hepatitis, rotavirus infection, gastritis, hemorrhoids, amoebic dysentery, and even the presence of intestinal parasites) and tell you how to treat bloating, starting from the underlying disease.