Remove the general intoxication.The most simple, cheap and convenient option - to drink activated charcoal.If one of the symptoms include nausea is very strong, before use of sorbents and drink another antiemetic, or tablets will disappear from your body before you have time to act.
Drink cool water can be mineral.Tolerate dry throat during a hangover, as trying to weaken it by using the "classic" of alcohol and hot coffee - bad option.To ease the thirst a little bit and feel better, you can use fresh lemon juice with water in a ratio of about 1 to 3.
Prepare ginger tea.You can add a little honey to taste.This drink will help you recuperate faster
, ease thirst and headache, improve well-being in general.Moreover, ginger tea will help calm the stomach and reduce the negative impact of medical alcohol on the body.
If you want to eat, pick bananas, artichokes and asparagus.Hunger during a hangover, however, is very rare, but it does not mean that an empty stomach begins to ache.The above products are accelerating the disappearance of hangover and weaken the toxic effects of alcohol.Another option - a light chicken broth and onion soup with a small amount of greens and cheese.Any heavy meal at the hangover will only worsen the situation.
Relax, if possible.Close window blinds, try to muffle the sound, arrange on a bed in a half-sitting position or lying down and put it under his head a soft pillow to whiskey and neck weighed nothing.You can make a cold compress: the easiest to bring a bowl of cool water, dip a cloth back, squeeze and put on his forehead, and when the tissue warms up, cool it again the same way.It does not allow you to get up and do not go to wash too often.
Make cucumber or potato mask.To do this, you need to clear a vegetable, cut into thin plastics and attach them to the temples and forehead.This tool allows you to ease the pain of a hangover headache.Note that this option is much more preferable than the use of certain painkillers, since the drug in combination with alcohol often create destructive to the body mix.If you want to take a pill, choose special funds intended to combat hangover.