There are 4 available method for treating lung cancer: surgical removal of the tumor, as well as radiation, chemotherapy and targeted therapies.Each of the available options has its drawbacks, which usually relate to experience side effects.The combination of selected physician, depends on the stage of the disease and its nature.
Surgical removal of the cancerous tumor is usually used for all types of the disease, non-small cell lung cancer.However, the method is not preferred and possible passage of the patient is recommended radiation or chemical therapy.Excision of cancer cells and the surrounding lymph nodes is also dangerous if the tumor is located near the heart, esophagus, trachea and large blo
od vessels.Surgery is possible with small cell carcinoma, if the disease is able to diagnose at an early stage.
Adjuvant therapy is used after surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence of the tumor.This method of treatment comprises the additional use of existing methods of destroying cancer and stimulation of maximal recovery after surgery.The purpose of the auxiliary method consists in getting rid of the remaining cancer cells in the body.
Radiation therapy is the use of X-rays or other radiation sources to get rid of the tumor.There are domestic and foreign varieties of radiation.When lung cancer, doctors often prefer to use external effects of the method.The total duration of the procedure and the number of repetitions it may depend on the type of disease.Radiation can not be used in the treatment of late stage tumor cells that have spread to many tissues.
Chemotherapy is the use of medications that destroy tumor cells and stops their ability to grow and divide.During the treatment of lung cancer using the method is particularly important.Introduction of intravenous medication through the IV, but sometimes acceptable to use of encapsulated forms of various funds.Therapy consists of several cycles, among which the patient requires a break to recover necessary functions of the immune and other body systems.The main drawback of this method is the incidence of side effects and high severity.
targeted therapy is aimed at a specific type of cancer cells, ie,is selected depending on the structure of the tumor tissue, the characteristics of proteins neoplasms and other factors affecting the development of the disease.As with chemotherapy, the goal of treatment is to destroy cancer by inhibiting its ability to divide and grow.The basis of the method is to use a drug that has a specific effect on a certain type of lung cancer and is effective only with respect to the individual forms of the disease.