Diagnosis of the disease

For proper diagnosis of the disease the patient should go to the hospital when a discharge from the vagina or penis substance with greyish-yellow tint (sometimes with blood), itching and redness of the genitals, pulling pain in the abdomen,pain during intercourse and urination, frequent urge to defecation, menstrual irregularities.In men, a phenomenon also can be accompanied by problems with erection.

for medical diagnosis of trichomoniasis light smear microscopy is performed.The analysis is carried out for 30 minutes to determine the amount of bacteria in the urogenital tract and the extent of the inflammatory reaction.Also, doctors may be made seeding flora, which enables to determine not only the degree o
f infection, but also the sensitivity of bacteria to certain drugs that in most cases the assignment ensures the effective treatment of the disease.Some clinics also conduct the study of disease by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is the most accurate to determine the nature of the infection and its sensitivity to different drugs.


Treatment of trichomoniasis should occur only on prescription.Independent attempts to cure the disease can lead to a deterioration of the symptoms or cause complications.Medications are appointed in accordance with the individual characteristics and the degree of development of the disease.For treatment

used antimicrobials which have a pronounced activity against Trichomonas.This may be administered simultaneously as preparations for topical application, and a wide range of medicines.At the same time appointed ointment can reduce the itching and burning sensation in the genital and oral medications kill the infection in the body.The most common treatment for common prescribers-nitroimidazoles (eg "Metronidazole", "Tinidazole", "seknidazol", etc.).

In some cases, it may be assigned immunomodulatory vaccine "Solkotrihovak", which helps to reduce the risk of a recurrence of infection.The treatment must avoid alcohol and the appearance of adverse reactions to drugs nitroimidazoles should consult a doctor for the appointment of alternate treatments.