Refer to the official medicine.A dermatologist can help you find ointments or other drugs to destroy the unpleasant growths.However, note that anti-flat kind of warty formations of these funds are ineffective.
resort to surgery.Using a scalpel to remove a wart and you impose on this place seam.Therefore, the appearance of the scar is inevitable.There is a risk of reinfection.Because of this, surgery is rarely used.
Cryotherapy - a painless procedure, during which cauterize warts with liquid nitrogen.Reinfection is possible.The only drawback of this method is that it is impossible to determine exactly how deep extend the application of nitrogen.If the depth was too small - you have to repeat the procedure again.If
too large - on your skin will remain a small scar.After the procedure, as you may experience swelling and bladder, but this phenomenon quickly.
Electrocoagulation.Try this method if your skin warts on the small size.Otherwise, the scar can not be avoided.But this method does not allow the virus to spread to adjacent tissue.
Laser - perhaps the most effective way of surgical removal of warts.You'll notice a few undeniable advantages: the operation lasts only a couple of minutes;after the application of laser technology in place will be small warts pit, which will completely disappear within 2 weeks;depth exposure to laser controlled micron;bloodless intervention;absolute sterility;painless healing, even if you exercise.The only disadvantage of this method.The virus is not destroyed.
therefore eliminate re-infection after spending ozone therapy.This will help you to forget about the problem of warts at least 5-10 years.And on top of that ozone therapy will improve your immune system, relieve stress and possible state would create a barrier against infection.