should be noted that varicose veins is quite a dangerous disease.Therefore, the choice of a particular method of medical treatment of varicose veins specialist must carry out a series of studies that will evaluate the condition of the veins of the lower extremities and the depth of their defeat.The main methods of diagnosing this disease include an ultrasound and Doppler and duplex scanning, with which you can see not only the veins but also the work of their valves.

risk factors contributing to the development of varicose veins are: genetic predisposition to the disease, obesity, hormonal disorders, regular exercise, liv
ing in a hot climate, and standing work.

first symptoms of the disease can occur as early as the age of twenty.The early signs of varicose veins include heaviness, burning sensation in the lower extremities, fatigue in the legs.In addition, severe manifestations of the disease are visible through the skin veins, minor swelling of the legs in the evening and itching.

Varicose veins

methods of medical treatment of varicose veins are divided into conservative and surgical.Conservative treatment is based on a constant compression of the legs in order to eliminate excess blood flow.For this purpose, special bandages or stockings to be worn when waking up and not withdraw before returning to bed.In addition, patients suffering from varicose veins in the mandatory prescribed different medication formulations such as "Anavenol", "Gepatrin", "Aescusan", "Detraleks", "Endotelon" Ginkor Fort. "These drugs not only help to strengthen the walls of veins and drain excess fluid from the tissues.

surgical medical treatment of varicose veins is appointed, usually with advanced disease or lack of expected results from the prescribed treatment.The most popular type of surgical intervention in the case of extensive destruction of veins is combined phlebectomy is to remove the main saphenous vein, and separate the damaged sections of its tributaries.

Sclerotherapy vein

At the initial stage of varicose veins main gentle treatment is sclerotherapy, which does not require punctures and incisions in the patient's body.This procedure consists of introducing a special means of sclerosant in the damaged areas of the veins and subsequent use of compression bandages on these areas until the vein is no longer visible.It is noteworthy that if you visit the doctor's office at the stage of spider veins, it is possible to remove all the symptoms of the disease.However, even in the case of running varicose veins, sclerotherapy eliminates the symptoms of the disease at ninety-five percent.

Contraindications to implement procedures sclerosing veins can be: infectious skin lesions in the use of drugs, allergic reactions to injected drug, thrombophlebitis, during pregnancy and lactation.