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Chickenpox (varicella) - an acute disease caused by a virus and is transmitted by airborne droplets.Perebolev once chickenpox, a person acquires lifelong immunity.

Pediatricians and physicians of the old school chorus repeating: wash chickenpox can not in any case!Innovators refute these allegations.Many agree that taking baths chickenpox is necessary.Water helps reduce itching and supports the hygiene at the right level.But by taking a bath should be taken specific to the disease, observing the rules of caution.

How and when to wash chickenpox

Chickenpox occurs in all different ways.If there is no temperature, and other ailments, except for severe itching, as well as accompanying ills such as staphylococcus, wash immediately with the first day of the disease.In other cases, a bathing should wait.

Not recommended rinsed shower, as strong pressure water jet can damage the formed bubbles (and they in any case can not touch or comb, or can remain permanently dimples - pit).

Also, avoid using a washcloth, soap or shower gel.Leave this set to the period when the mark will be replaced varicella peel and fall off themselves.

for bathing chickenpox collect water temperature comfortable.A useful addition would be a weak solution of potassium permanganate or broth of herbs (celandine, chamomile, calendula, etc).The duration of the adoption of such a bath should not exceed 15 minutes.

For the child can be turned into a process bath into an exciting game.Run a bath homemade boats or specially bought toys for the bath.So you distract him from the unpleasant course of the disease, to calm down and set up in a positive way.

wipes after taking water treatments need to be careful.Use cotton diapers or waffle towels.Terry will not work, because they can irritate the already sensitive skin.

If wiping is not recommended rubbing with force, it is better to use a slightly blotted movement.If the house is warm and dry air, let the body wet to dry yourself.

The final stage is the application of green fodder (if chicken pox has not yet passed).In addition to the green fodder many use the ointment "Fukortsin."Also lubricate the wind bubbles can be tea tree oil or drug "Fenistil".The last option is less stain clothing.

clothes after a bath should be chosen from natural fabrics, pleasant to the body.Be prepared for frequent washing, because the chickenpox clothing should be changed to three times a day.