Drink tablet of paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen.Elderly, nursing and pregnant women, and young children can not take aspirin because it can cause liver disease, up to steatosis.Drink 1 tablet before eating no more than 4 times a day, otherwise you poisoned.If the temperature is not reduced even after taking medications, better call physician.
Dilute vinegar in warm water up to 5%.Wipe the body with a towel dipped in a solution.Gradually the temperature begins to drop, and you will feel relief.Instead of vinegar and vodka can be used, but it is still not desirable, because the alcohol will flow into the bloodstream and cause toxicity, which in the period of the disease and so poisons the body.
fresh raspberry juice or a decoction of dried h
elps to reduce body temperature.Virtually no contraindications, except that may be allergic.Squeeze the juice and drink 50 ml.If there is no fresh berries, then eat jam or brew dried raw materials (3 tablespoons) in a liter of boiling water.Broth drink throughout the day.
If the room is strongly hot slightly open the vents or windows.Ventilate the flat for about 15 minutes, but they try not to be under a draft, or even more sick.Try to monitor the temperature in the room, it should be about 25 degrees.When the house is hot and stuffy body temperature begins to rise, which further worsens the general condition of the common cold.Undress to their underwear, the body will be cooled naturally.