you need
  • - paracetamol;
  • - vinegar, vodka and cold water;
  • - drink plenty of liquids.
go to the hospital if you feel unwell.It is particularly important to see a doctor in the early stages of pregnancy , because in this period there is often a threat of termination.Drink something without purpose should not.If you are very ill, call an ambulance immediately, do not wait until morning.
If you have only a slight malaise and fever, take a tablet of paracetamol.All other drugs can not drink.Especially avoid the use of acetylsalicylic acid - it can cause acute fatty liver, and fetal death.
Wipe body with a weak solution of acetic acid (about 5%, and can
be a bit weaker).Usually after the temperature begins to decrease.If vinegar is not at hand, but there is vodka, use it.But it is better to do it as a last resort, if much heat that does not decrease.If you are not good on the offensive, just wipe the body with cold water.Dampen a cloth, wipe, rinse it again and repeat the procedure.
Undress to underwear.The body will be cooled by natural means, but the room should not be hot, but not cold.Generally, the temperature does not recommend wearing warm clothes in the building.Heat is delayed, and this only gets worse.
Drink plenty of liquids: tea, water, mineral water, juice, juice and other beverages.The body must be supplied at least 3 liters of water a day, and if you do not there is edema, or even more so.Not bad helps raspberry leaf decoction or juice of the berries.
After recovery, go to the doctor and take the direction of blood and urine tests.During the illness could be changes in the blood, as well as failures in the internal organs.A visit to the hospital have to go into your plans.