you need
  • - meter;
  • - table bread units;
  • - insulin;
  • - antidiabetic pills;
  • - vitamins for diabetics;
  • - insulin pump.
calculates the amount of carbohydrates consumed at the table bread units, if you are on a constant administration of insulin.This table can be obtained from a doctor or on the Internet.Each eaten bread units enter short-acting insulin dose of 1.4 units.
Keep a journal in which to write the introduction of insulin, the dose and the amount eaten bread units.
If you take only hypoglycemic agents, that limit the amount of simple carbohydrates.These include sugar, honey, dried fruit, soft drinks, pastries.Also,
you should give up fatty foods.Increase the share of vegetables in your diet.Squirrels eat a low-fat meat, fish and cheese.
Give up alcohol in any type of diabetes.
In both types of diabetes eat take small, frequent meals.
Buy the meter and measure the level of glucose in the blood.In type 1 diabetes it must be done 4-5 times a day, usually after meals.In type 2 diabetes produces measurement 4-5 times per week.
If you are on insulin and blood glucose meter displays blood glucose greater than 7.5 mmol / L, inject short-acting insulin.Do not immediately administered a large dose of insulin to glucose levels fell dramatically, and you will not fall into a coma.
If you have type 1 diabetes, it is for the regular insulin into the body, you can buy your insulin pump.This device has the size of a pager to a matchbox and can be easily attached to the body.The device is equipped with a small needle and replaceable cartridges of insulin.The pump is adjusted by the individual physician glucose level of the patient, then it automatically makes the injection of insulin when blood glucose levels increase.The only disadvantage of the pump is its cost, which ranges from 60 to 300-400 thousand rubles.
If you feel weakness, nausea, dizziness, sweating, it means that your blood glucose decreased.As soon as possible, eat anything from simple carbohydrates.
increase the dose of insulin if you colds.The body fights infection, it consumes energy, and insulin is needed to glucose admitted to the tissue.
take a daily multivitamin for diabetics.
If you have the feeling pins and needles in the skin, numbness in the legs, appeared swelling, dark toes, consult an endocrinologist.Did the symptoms of developing diabetic complications.Timely treatment ensures a favorable outcome.