you need
  • - based ointment badger fat Whether turpentine
  • - a warm cloth scarf (not wool)
  • - thick socks
  • - mustard powder
  • - buckwheat honey
  • - raspberry jam
  • - essential oil of cedar, pine or eucalyptus
  • - camphor alcohol or oil
  • - handkerchief
  • - salt
  • - a plastic bag
Grinding must be carried out at night after taking a bath.In order to expand the blood vessels of the respiratory tract, use a bath with essential oils of cedar, pine or eucalyptus in the proportion of 5-7 drops per 150 ml of
milk or cream.
At high body temperature (above 38 degrees) is better to limit warming footbath.To this end in a basin of hot (not scalding) water is added to the bags of dry mustard.You can also hover legs in the broth of chamomile flowers.After the procedure, you need to wear thick socks and bounce back to bed.Foot baths are contraindicated for people suffering from venous dysfunction (varicose veins of the lower limbs, and others.) And persons under the age of 6 years.
before rubbing can drink warmed milk with buckwheat honey or tea with raspberry jam - it also will improve the expectorant effect on coughing.Place the patient in the bed in the supine position.Wash your hands in hot water - their touch to be comfortable.Purchase at the pharmacy ointment is warming effect ("Barsuchok", "Doctor Mom", "Pulmeks Baby" cream "Thyme", etc.).Excellent warms and camphor oil, but it can not be used in the grinding of children under one year because of adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.
visually mark the middle of the chest and to drip a little ointment / cream / oil.Start slowly rubbing movement of the whole hand clockwise.Ask the patient to sit up in bed and rub the back between the shoulder blades.To fix the effect of the upper body wrap fabric scarf.You can also use homemade heaters.For their production will need: a tight handkerchief, a plastic bag and salt.Glowing salt in a frying pan, pour in a shawl, wrap and place in the bag.Spread so that the salt does not wake up.Apply to the back of the neck to check for a comfortable temperature.Lay on the chest of the patient cotton diaper, put a heating pad and leave for 30-60 minutes.
If the child is frequently ill from respiratory diseases, treatment and prevention can perform some kinds of massage.Have your child lie on his stomach.The pillow is better to remove, the head should be below the level of the shoulders and turned to the side, arms extended along the body.Within 5 minutes, do light tapping motion with his knuckles in the direction from the lower ribs to the shoulders.Movement should be pushing out: it is always a bottom-up, and in any case, on the contrary.You can also make intense vibration fingertips (the people it is called "rain").The massage should be at least 4 times a day for a week.