Some patients have long-term pay no attention to the rustling of the joints in the morning stiffness and pain, so go to the doctor very late, when the process of bone tissue destruction is well underway, and the pain becomes sointolerable that the patient is forced to restrict the movement and most of the time trying to lie dormant.Lack of exercise leads to weakness of the ligaments and muscle atrophy.Subsequently, when driving the joints experience an increased load, which leads to an even more accelerated destruction of cartilage.It is a vicious circle.
for the treatment of
osteoarthritis in the first place prescribe drugs that can arrest the inflammation and pain.These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.If arthritis is complicated by inflammation of the synovial fluid, the patient is administered intra-articular injections of corticosteroids, "Kenalogum", "Diprospan", "Hydrocortisone".
But the foundation treatment of osteoarthritis - it's not pain relief and prevent further destruction of cartilage.The main drugs for treatment are hondropotektory hondromoduliruyuschey "Glucosamine" and "chondroitin sulfate".These drugs the doctor prescribes long courses with small breaks.They need to take throughout their lives.
for intra-articular administration may appoint "Sinokorm", "Fermatron", "Hialart."For intramuscular - "Mukasat" "Rumaln" "hondrolon".
Once the acute pain is removed, the patient is prescribed dosage physical activity and exercise therapy in a clinic.
plays an important role spa treatment.As a physician, you can visit the resorts, where carried mud, massage, fizioterapeticheskie procedures, exercise.Visit recommended resorts in the phase of stable remission.
Successful treatment of osteoarthritis - is not only the use of all drugs prescribed by the doctor, but also compliance with the general recommendations.The patient should be fully fed, to refuse alcoholic beverages, which are able to enhance the destruction of cartilage.Also be sure to have to part with the excess weight and use the metered load.Arthrosis can practice swimming, walking with obstacles, ride a bike in moderation.