Kidney disease often hereditary and passed down through the generations.But in most cases the problem can be regarded as acquired.To realize how important kidneys, one must understand what functions they perform.

kidneys in the human body two.Each of them has a ureter outputting urine bladder, from which it leaves the body through the urethra.Renal function - filtering of the blood, the conclusion of the final products, emerged as a result of metabolism, water and salt.The kidneys are involved in regulating blood pressure, contribute to the development of red blood cells.If a person with one kidney can live, the failure of two once the work of all bodies undergo irreversible damage.

most from kidney problems suffered by women.This is due to a short urethra, which leads to
getting infections, provoking bacterial inflammation of the kidneys.The main culprit of inflammation - E. coli.Once in the urethra, it easily penetrates into the kidney.Also, inflammation can be triggered by yeasts and thus let loose to drift yeast should not be surprised appearance of unpleasant consequences.Another reason that the kidneys may be affected - rare urination.Stagnation of urine leads to a weakening of the sphincter of the ureters, which entails vesicoureteral reflux.In simple terms - the urine gets into the kidneys.If you follow the simple rules of hygiene and do not tolerate the urge to urinate, then many problems can be avoided.

for renal protection is very important because they are vulnerable to bacteria, and those in turn and strive to attack this vital organ.Even tooth decay, which the kidneys no seemingly has nothing to do, they can cause inflammation.The same applies to inflammation of the skin and respiratory diseases.If immunity is high, then the aggressive action of bacteria and viruses almost immediately neutralized, but if the body is weakened, the buds come under attack.

Since the main function of the kidney - cleansing the body, then without water, they will not be able to operate normally.At least 1.5 liters of water, but only in small portions.A large number of even the most pure and delicious fresh water load on the kidneys.Coffee and soft drinks is better not to lean so as not to provoke the appearance of stones.

alarm signal for every woman should be the appearance of bags under the eyes, swelling of the ankles or wrists.Consult your doctor immediately necessary, if in the area began to appear lumbar pain, urination was different from the usual (turbidity in the urine, frequent urge, pain of any nature).Survey nephrologist will help you understand how to help the kidneys and keep them healthy for years to come.