you need
  • - fever;
  • - warming ointment;
  • - broth chamomile;
  • - essential oils, baking soda.
During SARS may be raised temperature.Reduce her paracetamol.Do not take other antipyretics - they are contraindicated.Especially avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen sometimes assigned, but it can only make a specialist after your examination and study of the history of pregnancy.
Try to drink as much fluid, it will contribute to a speedy recovery.Drink juices, tea and fruit compote in unlimited quantities.You can use a decoction of chamomile and it has antibacterial properties and kills germs without harming the body.
Do inhalation to avoid coughing.Not bad helps inhalations with essent
ial oils of cedar, fir, eucalyptus.If you can not tolerate the smell of them, use baking soda or a decoction of potatoes.Steam will soften the airway and promote expectoration.When this does not help, consult with your doctor about taking drugs.
Apply on chest, back and whiskey warming ointment.If you have sensitive skin, use a nursery.It is slightly softer on the skin but also warms correspondingly weaker.Ointment, use 2-3 times a day.Contraindications for use virtually no, but there may be an allergic reaction.If you have not used these ointments, first apply a small amount to the area, not exceeding an area of ​​1 by 1 centimeter.Wait about 30 minutes, if all goes well, then put on the body.
If symptoms you do not pass, go to the hospital.It is possible that you need hospitalization.In the hospital you will have professional help as soon as possible and cure SARS.