Atopic dermatitis manifests itself on the skin.The main cause irritation considered contacting with certain allergens, which promotes the reaction.

answer the question, how often people suffer from this disease, it is difficult.Because accurate statistics regarding this parameter is not present.But according to experts, dermatitis exposed about two out of a hundred people.Typically, the disease is a professional.

main causes of the disease

It should be noted that the symptoms of dermatitis are not immediate upon contact with the allergen.Prior to the first irritation usually takes about two weeks.If a person has already noted an unusual reaction to a particular substance, the expression can occur much earlier.In such delayed respons

e is the difference of contact dermatitis from other diseases related to allergy.

happened to irritation of the skin, it is necessary that it is a long time in contact with the allergen.Such substances are known to quite a large number.They are divided into several subgroups:

1. Allergens of plant origin.This is different from the world of flora that can cause a reaction and cause disease.For example, chrysanthemum, ragweed, pine, daisy, carrot, lichen, and many others.

2. The components of the rubber.That is, chemicals and compounds from which it is produced.It thiuram, mercaptobenzothiazole, phenylenediamines, and more.Allergies can cause them to stay in the clothing or in a variety of rubber and latex products.For example, gloves.

3. Metals.It has been observed that most often a symptom of an allergic reaction to contact with nickel, gold, chromium or cobalt.These metals can be found in jewelery, surgical instruments, the housing watches, jewelry and other things.

4. Medications.Typically, allergy causing antibiotics, anesthetics or local anesthetics.To those include: lidocaine, benzocaine, neomycin.

5. preservatives.Often the cause contact dermatitis toothpaste, hair dyes or perfumes.This is due in part to the presence of a substance such as formalin.It is a potent allergen.It is also the cause of the disease can be hexachlorophene, located in household products.

6. Other substances.This group may include tar, lanolin and wax, acrylic resin, and others.That's a pretty strong allergens.


dermatitis is divided into acute and chronic.Diagnosis depends on the frequency of contact with the allergy-causing substances.The main symptoms are: local skin redness, swelling, itching, blistering with fluid.Therefore one seeks as soon as possible in every way possible to get rid of this kind of manifestations.

As a rule, suffers from dermatitis only place that is in contact with an allergic substance.Brighter than the symptoms of the disease occur in young people.Also it depends on the contact duration.

In the chronic form there is a thickening of the skin at the point of contact, there is dryness, and even the cracks occur.

determine the allergen is fairly simple, as symptoms occur fast enough.Eliminates contact allow to make contact allergic dermatitis treatment is much more effective.

methods of diagnosing the disease

an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a course of medicines can only be a specialist.But a visual inspection is sometimes not enough.Therefore, your doctor may prescribe delivery of the analysis.

As a rule, more accurate picture can open applicator test.This study is likely familiar to people suffering from allergies.Wade sticky plates made of paper.They are applied to a variety of allergens.Their number depends on the depth of investigation.These pieces of paper glue on the back, and the person should be held with them about 48 hours.

After this period, the expert will be able to determine on what substance allergic reaction occurs.Make it easy.At the point of contact with the allergen the skin turns red, you may be swelling.Such tests can be purchased at a regular pharmacy.But it is more expedient to hold them under supervision, as the person who does not have such experience, could easily confuse the results.

study carried out regardless of the use of antihistamine drugs.False results may be due to the use of corticosteroids, so it's better to cancel them for about 5 days before the expected date of the test.

Methods for treating dermatitis

Prescribe the correct treatment can only experienced, because the name of the drug depends on the manifestation of symptoms of dermatitis.

But there are quite traditional methods of treatment.So, for example, with weeping wounds expedient to make lotions with a mixture of liquid drilling mud and cold water.If itching is often preferred topical corticosteroids.It advantan, or Elokim lokoyd.But the rate of use shall not exceed 14 days.


Contact dermatitis - a fairly common disease.Some people are prone to allergic reactions, it can pursue a lifetime.If you notice local redness, severe itching, or skin formed small bubbles of clear liquid inside, then most likely, it is dermatitis.

is possible to pass a test to identify the allergen that caused such a reaction, consult your doctor or dermatologist.He may appoint and conduct other studies to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis.

But prescribe treatment alone is highly undesirable.Because without such experience it is fairly easy to aggravate the situation, and of acute dermatitis may become chronic.

Expert advice

At the first manifestations of this disease is to take antihistamines.This will help relieve the itching and reduce the swelling.Dosage is indicated in the instructions that came with the drug.It is generally sufficient to use the drug once a day, the course of not more than 10 days.It is better to give preference to zodaku, centrino, Aerius and others.

Next, be sure to consult a specialist to one, making the inspection, determine the severity of the disease and, if not managed independently, the allergen that caused a similar reaction.Only after a research doctor will be able to do the exact purpose and prescribe certain medicines.If you want to dermatitis passed quickly and without consequences, it is better to heed the recommendations of the doctor.