you need
  • - iodine or brilliant green;
  • - a solution of potassium permanganate;
  • - bandage;
  • - procaine;
  • - disposable syringes;
  • - material for immobilizing the tire.
Try to find out the victim looked like a snake bit him.While he was trying to remember the shape of the head, the coloring, the size and the presence of stains, it will calm down, and you can start first aid.Knowledge of how to look reptile, help in choosing an antidote in the hospital.
Immediately aspirate the poison out of the wound.This must be done within 10 minutes after the bite.Do not hold the poison in
the mouth and immediately spit it.Be sure to rinse your mouth several times after the procedure.
If possible, use the rinse weak solution of potassium.You can not suck the poison if the mouth has a fresh wound, irritation or scratching.Otherwise, the amount of venom enters the body through mucous membranes, is too small to cause serious harm aspirated.
In no case Do not apply a tourniquet on the affected limb.This leads to fluid retention, rise more severe swelling and accelerated necrosis due to prolonged interaction with snake venom.As a result, the victim received a severe shock from poisoning by decomposition products of proteins.
After sucking poison, lubricate the wound with iodine or green paint and apply a clean bandage.As the swelling loosen it, to prevent the pinching of blood vessels.
immobilized the injured limb.Hand bandage can be to the body, the foot - to the other leg.It is also recommended to impose the tire as at the turn.
victim should be laid, and ensure peace.The situation should be such that during transport the bite was below the heart.The less a person moves, the better.
After that, take the bitten to the hospital.There, he will enter the serum antidote to the snake and take all necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of the defeat of the poison.
Do not attempt to self-administer the serum, if you do not have the necessary skills.The drug can cause severe allergic reactions, as it contains a foreign protein.Sometimes the effects of anaphylactic shock may be affected for a more serious threat than snake venom.
If you know that you can not get to the hospital in the next few hours, you can make novocaine blockade bitten area.Put a few small doses of injections around the affected area.Do not forget to novocaine the victim may also be allergic.
Another way to locate the site of the bite - drip vasoconstrictive drops into the wound, such as nose drops.But it is not worth doing, if you get to the hospital in half an hour.Localizing means will limit job snake serum antidote.
Let the victim drink plenty of liquids.In no event can not take alcohol.
Cauterisation wounds will not bring any good.Typically, snake teeth penetrate the flesh is much deeper than the affected tissue at temperature influence.At the site of cauterization formed a scab, under which the poison damaged cells decompose at an accelerated pace.