you need
  • a fortifying broth:
  • - 1 tsprosehips,
  • - 1 tspdried raspberry leaf,
  • - 1 tspcurrant leaves,
  • - 1 tspleaves cranberries.
pay due attention to the prevention of diseases.Dress for the weather, avoid drafts, cold wind, dampness.During influenza epidemics are wearing a gauze bandage, avoid large gatherings of people.
Teach your body to daily tempering procedures, it will strengthen the immune system.Ventilate the apartment several times a day.
If you feel the first signs of a cold (headache, nasal congestion, sore throat), try
to immediately begin to fight virusom.Vydelite enough time to rest.Buy ascorbic acid and take it according to the instruction of 2-3 times a day for 3 days.This vitamin is actively fighting the diseased cells and increases the body's resistance.
If you have a fever, do not rush to take pills.Temperatures up to 38 degrees do not need to shoot down drug s, as a natural reaction of the body, which is the home begins to fight infection.
at elevated temperatures drink plenty of fluids.In the first two days of illness limit your meals.If you do not have an appetite, it is better not to eat at all.So the body will be easier to bringing out the liquid waste and hazardous substances.
at elevated temperatures is useful to drink berry cranberry juice, cranberries, currants, raspberries, rose hips, and others. All these berries increase the resistance of the body, relieve the symptoms of colds and are completely harmless to the human body.
a fortifying broth for colds.
2 tbspdry mixture pour a glass of boiling water, cover.Let sit for 2 hours.Take the infusion on the first day of cold half a glass before a meal in the morning and vecherom.Nastoy better to drink hot.Adds the raspberry jam, honey or lemon juice.Drink effectively helps with pain in the throat and starts coughing.
Eat lemon with honey with severe pain in the throat.Honey mixed with mashed lemon in equal proportions and keep in the mouth for a long time (absorbable).After this procedure, it is advisable not to eat anything for an hour so as not to disrupt the action of essential oils remaining in the mouth and sore throat cures gortani.Otlichno honey with warm milk.Take this medication home of the night to relieve pain in the throat, and to improve sleep.
Rub your feet at night with grated garlic, if you have a cough.Children's delicious cough remedy - eggnog (egg yolks, beaten with sugar).Eggnog served child between meals.
At a cold nose buried in the aloe juice.Do inhalations of steam, they help with colds and respiratory infections.