you need
  • - ECG;
  • - consultation of the cardiologist.
If you feel unpleasant tingling in the heart, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, general weakness, lethargy, drowsiness or insomnia, see your doctor cardiologist.The doctor will appoint or ECG daily monitoring of cardiac activity and general tests.Treatment is prescribed depending on the underlying disease, which led to myocardiodystrophy and from survey results.
First you eliminate the underlying disease.By weakening the contractile function can cause alcohol poisoning barbiturates, severe menopause, thyroid disorder, a common metabolic disorder.As well as dramatic wei
ght loss, heavy exercise, excessive use of drugs.
After the diagnosis cardiologist prescribe complex treatment and pick up the necessary drugs and their doses.Depending on the general condition you can assign beta-blockers or ATP, propranolol, sedating drugs Pananginum, kokarboksilazu, Riboxinum, vitamin therapy, anabolic hormones.
complex therapy aimed at stabilizing the heart rhythm.At rest, the reduction should not exceed 65-70 beats per minute.
addition to the main treatment myocardiodystrophy and diseases, which led to this state, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking and alcohol, do not eat kofensoderzhaschie drugs, observe the regime of work and rest, it is rational to eat, watchthe pressure and heartbeat, avoid stress, hypothermia and cold-related diseases.Nutrition should be a fraction, and rational.Include in the diet of milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables, limit the amount of salt, exclude spices, preservatives, by-products, spend more time outdoors, doing light exercises and constantly visit a cardiologist doctor to watch your condition and, if necessary, timely adjusted the treatments addedor canceled certain drugs on the basis of the survey results.