you need
  • - motivation;
  • - willpower;
  • - patience.
After 20-30 minutes of normal pulse and blood pressure.Even after this time, the body positive changes.
After 8-10 hours, improves blood circulation, the oxygen level in the blood has normal, and the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide decreased by 50%.
After 24 hours, the circulatory system is completely free from carbon dioxide and light are slowly beginning to get rid of the tar accumulated there during smoking.Chance of a small cough, weakness, anxiety, dizziness, poor appetite, insomnia.
Two days later, the lungs begin to work better, reducing the amount of mucus is updated cells of the intestinal mucosa, increases th
e sharpness of smell begins nicotine deprivation, increased cough, shortness of breath, may be abdominal pain, pruritus, increasedurination, and insomnia.
Three days later, improves the function of the stomach and circulatory system, run the recovery process of the respiratory system.Disappears bored coughing and wheezing characteristic in the lungs.The body was left nicotine.Stops physical dependence.There is a growing appetite, may cause heartburn, skin peeling, vertigo, tinnitus.
After 2-12 weeks, circulation is restored, normal physical body tone.Psychological dependence is much lower.Gone are the headaches and dizziness, and insomnia.Appetite increased slightly.
3-9 months stopped breathing problems, easy to operate one-third more efficient and increased in volume by 10%.This period can be called the next crisis due to automaticity saving habits.Now it is important not to break.
After 1 year halved the risk of heart attack, stroke, - 30% of cancer - by 60-90%.The level of risk of complications during pregnancy is the same as non-smokers.Ended psychological dependence on smoking.
After 15 years, the risk of heart attack is reduced to the level of a non-smoker.
Each person is different, one can easily tolerate the hardships of nicotine addiction, others - are making every effort in the fight against cigarettes, but the chance to become a non-smoker is at all.Return to the harmful habit can happen at any time.It is useful to carry out auto-training and self-persuasion.You can work out, distracted by more interesting activities to have good habits, do not forget about motivation.Self-confidence and optimism - the best companions healthy, long life.