Tip 1: How to check visual acuity

Deep inspection of includes several elements: diagnosis of visual field and view, the definition of color perception, and a study of refraction - special indicator in patients using glasses or lenses.Such a detailed study of the state of the human eye ophthalmologist performed on special equipment.For preventive diagnosis often limited acuity of , which implies the ability to distinguish fine details in close and far away.
Spend a home test sharpness of .It will not replace a visit to the doctor, but will give you an initial idea of ​​the health of the eye and help to formulate questions for discussion with a specialist.The acuteness of need to check in two ways - when viewed from far and near.
printed on sheets of white A4 paper in normal font (size 22 points) The following letters: the first line - w, c, k, o, s, in the second - m, n, n, band, e. Sheets fasten to the wall at the level of your eyes.Get away from the wall at a distance of 5 m.
Close one eye, a hand, try to read the letters in the first line, then the second.Do the same with the other eye.If you are perfectly distinguish all the letters, the sharpness of perfect and equal to 1 in accordance with accepted medical parameters.
If you could hardly distinguish letters, they "float" and dvoyatsya, come close to the wall as long as the text does not clearly distinguish.Measure the distance to the wall and multiply its value to 0.2 meters.This will be the sharpness of your vision .For example, if you were able to distinguish the letters from a distance of 4 meters, the sharpness of be 4h0,2 = 0.8.
second option of testing visual distance will require much less effort.Enter capital letters "e" ordinary notebook in a cage.Each line of the letter should be 0.5 cm, iethe width of the cell.Secure the sheet to the wall and walk to 3 m. From this distance, a man with good eyesight should determine the direction of the lines, or call letter.
to determine the severity of near Take a book or a newspaper, with a clear font, the size of which will be not less than 2 mm.Position the text at a distance of about 35 cm from the eye.It is best to keep the book at eye level, so you do not have to tilt your head, changing the angle of view .Read the text, turn a blind eye.In normal vision acuity you will be well to distinguish between all the letters, you will not have the desire to push the book or bring it closer.
Contact the district clinic or ophthalmology center for professional examinations.Man aged 19-64 years should visit the doctor at least once every two years, even without complaints of vision.
Prepare to visit an ophthalmologist.One day before the survey did not drink alcohol and, if possible, drugs that have side effects for of .If it is impossible to give the medication, tell your doctor about their reception.Take you use glasses or contact lenses.During the test, do not tilt your head, not schurtes.
doctor's office offers to name the letters in the table Golovin-Sivtseva or special characters - rings with gaps from different angles, or rotated in different directions the letter "w."To check of children use a special table with drawings.Table 12 lines with characters of different sizes, from the largest to the top row of the smallest at the bottom.If you're good you can see all the letters or icons, located in the tenth line from the top, your vision is 1. When lifting to the line-up is subtracted from 1 to 0.1.For example, a person's vision, distinguishing the ninth line is 0.9, eighth - 0.8 and t.d.Ostrotu of close check on a special card, similar to a home test with a book.

Tip 2: How to determine visual acuity

To surely determine whether all your vision in order, you need to go to an appointment with an ophthalmologist.Inspection recommended he be held at least once a year.But if you can not constantly go to the doctor, then you may well be able to at home to check vision.
How to determine visual acuity
There are so many ways to do this.There are several types of tests for astigmatism.In addition, it is possible to inspect of not at a distance and up close.However, most accessible, and therefore such a common way to check the sharpness of , it is a test Sivtseva (Snellen).It is great for checking of at home.
If you go to an appointment with an ophthalmologist, he will use the same test Sivtseva.The doctor will ask you to look at from a distance of six meters letters on a special table.This table consists of several rows of letters which are arranged one above the other.The higher the number is in the table, the larger the letter.The top row contains the largest letters, and the lower - the smallest.If a person is able to read with each eye alternately very bottom line, then it is normal vision acuity and it is equal to one.
At home, check the sharpness of of , using the Snellen test, simple enough.It is better if you will control a man with good eyesight.Purchase a Snellen chart.Do not be difficult to find it on the Internet and print.Place it at eye level.It is desirable that the wall on which hangs a table was empty and no windows.If you wear glasses, wear them during the test.Now is conveniently located on a chair or stool at a distance of six meters from the table.Close your right eye.Read all the lines that you see, starting from the top.The man who controls you, the last line should mention that you were able to read properly.Now close your left eye and repeat the same thing.
If you can not see the line 1.0 each eye separately, then your eyesight needs correction.In this case, you need to visit a specialist.He can prescribe treatment or prescribe glasses.
Helpful Hint
Regularly check the child's vision.It is especially important to do during the school years due to the increased load on the eyes.
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